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Mental Health Training Workshops

There are many reasons why workshops remain popular. Research shows that most people learn more effectively when you share the experience with others. Attending workshops allows for quality interactions, opportunities to work together on solutions to real life challenges, and practicing new techniques.

Chairing the diversity board at Farfetch and working across various industries including BBC London and PwC ensures I deliver a range of informative, engaging workshops below:


Discover how to unlock your confidence, understand what is limiting you and learn the tools and techniques to increase your confidence

Anxiety Management

Learn more about what makes you stressed and try out practical approaches to reduce you levels of anxiety

Preventing Burnout

Enhance your understanding of burnout and associated risk. Recognise the key signs of burnout and learn how to develop coping strategies to recover.

Mastering Emotional Resilience

Positivity practices that help you feel well, undo the effects of stress and build resources. Learn optimism to challenge pessimistic thinking and develop your strengths to strengthen resilience.