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Do you need coping skills for depression and anxiety?

We'll explore possible causes and triggers and develop effective coping strategies. Tailoring each treatment to your needs using approaches that include cognitive behavioural therapy.

Hi, my name is Karen Hartley

I'm a humanistic integrative counsellor offering a warm empathic approach. I'm easy-going and love to have fun, more importantly, I like to meet new people this is what fuels my passion for helping others. I come from a media background and consider myself a creative at heart, I always try to find ways to inject some of that creativity within the sessions.


I'll help you work through your problems. I believe that having a supportive environment and a safe space to express your thoughts and feelings can help make sense of the things you are facing, helping you live a happier life.

Do you feel stressed, anxious, having problems with an addiction or maybe your relationship has hit a rough patch?

Many people can associate with one or more of these problems and may not have the answers or techniques needed to improve a situation. 

When asked why do people choose therapy. The answer is they’re unhappy with how they’re feeling and want a change. I can help bridge the gap and provide a warm, empathic environment to help create change. I work from an authentic, personable approach building a trusting relationship that will enable you to grow and face life’s challenges.

I'm aware that reaching out for therapy can be difficult but I'm flexible offering long term or short term work face to face or online.

See what some of my clients say...

  • "I felt very positive about my initial assessment. I felt heard, understood, reassured, and I came away from the session understanding areas I would like to focus on going forward. Rather than feeling emotionally overwhelmed at the end of the assessment, I actually feel empowered and focused."

  • "Before I started counselling I felt very low about myself, self conscious and very lost in general. Karen completely changed my life and my view on different aspects about myself. She provided me with the help I needed, from dealing with my emotions to helping me find a confidence about myself I never thought would exist. Karen made me feel very at ease through a safe environment and I would recommend her to anyone who would need support or help."

  • "After breaking free from a difficult relationship and going through a major life change, Karen not only helped me to understand and accept my feelings but also helped me to improve self-love, patience and my approach towards myself. She created the safe environment that I was needing to be able to start a new and much healthier chapter. She’s been such a huge help in my personal growth and I would recommend her right away!"

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