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Feelings of stress and anxiety (panic attacks)

If not controlled stress and anxiety can greatly affect your everyday life, leaving a crippling feeling and a sense of being stuck. I will work with you developing stress reduction techniques and promote healthier lifestyle patterns. I draw on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) to help manage those unsettling feelings and implement techniques that help life feel more manageable.

Anger Issues

Do you feel your anger is out of control, do you often have angry outbursts? Anger can be a healthy emotion when expressed in a controlled way. When not controlled it can be scary to those around us and may lead to violence. I will work with you to help manage your emotions and uncover the underlying root allowing your voice to be heard in a more constructive way.

Relationship Issues

I can help identify and work through your relationship difficulties to find encouraging ways of relating to each other. Focusing on communication skills and positive behaviours that will help strengthen relationships. I’ve worked in several areas of relationship therapy including divorce, infidelity, poor communication and the impact of porn.

The grief that comes with the death or loss of someone close can feel overwhelming. Shock, denial, anger, regret and sadness form part of the grieving process. I provide a safe space where you can come to terms with the loss and help you through the grieving process while providing individual coping mechanisms.
Eating disorders
We live in a society where many are obsessed with body image and weight control. We’re bombarded with images of ‘thin’ and ‘beautiful’ people leading to unhealthy comparisons and an excessiveness to diet, skip meals and count calories. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) can help bridge the gap and provide a warm, empathic environment to help create change. I touch on psychodynamic therapy, focusing on how a person's personality and life experiences influence their current thoughts, feelings, relationships and behavior.
Lack of confidence or self-esteem
Do you have no drive or direction, a sense of worthlessness or a feeling that you fail at everything and are unsuccessful? Understanding set-backs and problems can be a first step to overcoming them and finding another route as an adult. Counselling can offer a space for you to consider what is realistic and achievable while exploring disappointments. Applying techniques and strategies can be developed to build your self-confidence and change current negative thinking.
We can all experience low energy, feeling sad and fed up when faced with stressful situations / experiences. If you find yourself experiencing these symptoms often you may be depressed. If not addressed these symptoms can persist for months and interfere with relationships, health and employment.
Traumatic experiences can leave you feeling scared and overwhelmed. If left undealt with it can cause further problems down the line. I can help process traumatic events in a safe and confidential setting and develop coping strategies to deal with the traumatic effects.
Work related Issues
The workplace is often a contributing factor to stress and anxiety having a negative effect on your health i.e. headaches and high blood pressure. It’s important to have a healthy balance between working hard and pushing yourself too much. Together we can explore the areas that are causing anxiety and implement some methods to help you cope with the use of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).

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My Accreditations

Birkbeck University of London

Certified in Trauma-Focused Therapy

Birkbeck University of London

Certificate in Counselling at Birkbeck University of London


Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Humanistic Integrative Counselling gaining skills in Time Limited Counselling, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Psychiatry, Psychopathology and Psychodynamics

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6+ years clinical experience working for The Grove

  • See what some of my clients say 1

    "I had a free therapy session with Karen, which is the first therapy I've had of any kind in 31 years. I found Karen had a calming aura and an understanding tone where I felt I was really being listened to which in turn made me feel comfortable enough to open up and talk. This session has definitely made me revaluate how I'll be moving forward with working through my issues. I think the more time spent with Karen, having regular conversations will only impact my life in a positive way."

  • See what some of my clients say 1

    "Working with Karen was a great help to me during a difficult period of my life. She assisted me in putting things into perspective and provided me with different tools enabling me to move forward and deal with the various situations. Her professionalism, kindness, warmth and open personality made me feel at ease from day one."

  • See what some of my clients say 1

    "Karen was the guest speaker at our weekly focus group. Her kind and friendly nature quickly put those in the group at ease and invited conversation and debate. Karen presented a complex subject in a way that was understandable and gave practical tools to help the group in their everyday life. I can't express enough how grateful we were to have her join the group."